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Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany.  From its origins as a Roman army settlement, Florence grew into a center of medieval European finance and is considered the birthplace of the Renaissance.  Florence is renowned for its art and artists, but fewer people realize that the wealthy patrons who funded great art also supported scientific research and discovery.


Florence was home to Leonardo da Vinci and Amerigo Vespucci, the explorer and cartographer who is the namesake of the Americas.  The use of the telescope to observe the heavens was pioneered in Florence by Galileo Galilei (honored on the SDW 2013 logo), a legacy continued today by Arcetri Observatory, a partner of this workshop.  In addition, several scientific instruments were developed in Florence, including the thermometer, barometer and hygrometer.   Workshop participants will be able to see these original instruments, including Galileo’s actual telescope (and finger!), at the private visit we have arranged to the Museo Galileo.


We chose Florence for SDW 2013 because it has a modern conference center (Firenze Fiera) with neighboring hotels and easy walking distance (a few hundred meters) to the center of Florence.  It can be argued that the central square kilometer of Florence contains the world’s highest concentration of art and history.  In addition to the beautiful art and architecture, Florence offers excellent cuisine and a rich history of scientific discovery.


We feel that a key attribute of the Scientific Detector Workshop is the encouragement of informal technical discussions and building of professional relationships while enjoying a rich cultural environment.  Florence was the ideal setting for promoting this type of interaction.

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