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October 14 2013:

SDW 2013 is over

and was a great success!




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October 31 2013:

Deadline for Submission of Papers

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A workshop for the leaders in sensor technologies that enable

cutting-edge science in the X-ray, UV, Visible and Infrared


















Many thanks to everyone who participated.  Please stay tuned for updates!


Note to authors: Click here to download the paper template.


This website is for the 2013 edition of the Scientific Detector Workshops, known as SDW 2013.  SDW 2013 took place from 7-11 October 2013, bringing together the scientists and engineers who develop, produce and implement the most advanced imaging sensors used in scientific instrumentation.  The workshop built on the successful approach used for the previous Scientific Detector Workshops and Cayman Conferences, with a schedule that provided extensive time for the informal discussions that are a valuable portion of technical meetings.  The workshop  consisted of review papers, oral presentations, poster sessions, roundtables and group activities.  Papers were presented on:


- Status and plans for astronomical facilities and instrumentation (ground & space)

- Earth and Planetary Science missions and instrumentation

- Laboratory instrumentation (physical chemistry, synchrotrons, etc.)

- Detector materials (from Si and HgCdTe to strained layer superlattices)

- Sensor architectures – CCD, monolithic CMOS, hybrid CMOS

- Sensor electronics

- Sensor packaging and mosaics

- Sensor testing and characterization



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