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October 14 2013:

SDW 2013 is over

and was a great success!




Upcoming Deadlines


October 31 2013:

Deadline for Submission of Papers

Click here to download paper template





The Scientific Detector Workshop 2013 promotes the open exchange of scientific and technical information, and SDW 2013 is an international forum open to participants from all countries.  Sensor technologies and other technologies developed specifically for space applications may have restrictions on the information that can be presented in an international forum.  Every workshop participant is responsible to obtain the appropriate approvals from their organizations and governments for their presentations / papers.   There should no “proprietary information” markings on any presentations.



Paper template

Please click here to download the template for papers.  The template for the papers is in Word format.  All papers must follow the template format, font sizes and line spacing, so that the proceedings match the high quality of previous workshop proceedings.  (No cheating to get more words into the paper.)


Paper submission deadline: October 31 2013

The deadline for paper submission for inclusion in the proceedings is October 31, 2013.  We encourage everyone to complete their papers before the workshop, but we allow for some time to revise and edit after the workshop.


Workshop proceedings in electronic and hardcover versions

The proceedings will be distributed in both electronic and hardcover versions.  Due to the publication cost for large volumes, we must limit the page count of papers as follows:

o Invited / Review papers: 25 pages

o Oral presentations:  10 pages

o Poster papers:   10 pages


We understand these page limits may be restrictive to some of your writing talents, but with the hardcover proceedings expected to be 1400 pages, we must set some limits, and we encourage you to use your talents to write concise technical prose.


To allow for longer papers in the electronic version, authors can submit an addendum for each paper that includes additional data, figures, text, mathematical derivations, and even computer animations and movies (within reasonable limits).  The primary paper for the hardcover and electronic proceedings must be identical and able to standalone by itself, with the addendum expanding on the primary paper.  The Scientific Organizing Committee and workshop editors only commit to editing the primary papers, and retain the right to reject addenda that are unreasonably lengthy or do not match the intent of the workshop.


Please send photos for the workshop proceedings.  As with previous proceedings, we will populate all white space with photos of the workshop and associated activities.  We encourage you to bring your camera and share beautiful and amusing photos with us to use in the workshop proceedings.


Color pages.   There will be a limited number of color pages in the proceeding that will be used for the “participant gallery”, selected workshop photos and especially compelling technical data or pedagogical figures.


Papers in black & white (gray scale):  The papers will be published in black & white, so it is important that you develop your figures so that they are legible and understandable when printed on a black & white printer.  Depending on the publisher selected, we may offer the option of printing some pages of individual papers at additional cost to the authors.  The electronic versions of the papers will be in color, and thus you may wish to submit different versions of figures for the hardcover and electronic versions of your paper.


The SOC and the workshop co-chairs retain the right to reject papers of poor quality.


Posting the electronic proceedings and presentation recordings on-line

If the budget allows, and it is enabled by the publishing company, we may post the electronic proceedings and presentation recordings on-line.



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